NCCN is the representative body of christians in Nepal.  
NCCN Campaigning tor Peace, Justice and Religious Freedom... more

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NCCN campaigning for Peace, Justice and Religious freedom... more

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Christianity and Nepal


With the political change in 1951 Nepal opened its doors to the outside world and Christianity entered into Nepal. International Christian mission organizations started coming to Nepal. They were not allowed by the government to engage themselves in religious activities but were asked to   help in the development process of the country.  Though the witness and contribution of individual missionaries and the prayer of Christians worldwide definitely contributed to the promotion of Christianity in Nepal, outside missions were not able to play a  direct role in the growth of the Church and Christianity in Nepal. As there were no opportunities for higher education in Nepal, many young people went abroad for higher education. While abroad, some of them came into contact with Christianity and embraced Christianity.  They came back to Nepal, shared their faith with their family members and others and established Churches. Another way in which Nepalese came into contact with Christianity was through mil ... more+

  • To unite the Christians in Nepal and to encourage them to be actively involved in social and national development
  • To work for peace in society by promoting a spirit of tolerance, Cooperation and understanding among the various religious communities in Nepal
  • To contribute to  the development, preservation and promotion of the positive aspects of the religions and cultures of Nepal by conducting various studies  and  research
  • To  support the efforts and activities of any religious group, organization and institution for the promotion of human rights, peace, justice and reconciliation
  • To contribute to the elimination of poverty, ... more+
NCCN is committed to work for peace, justice, equality, communal harmony, human rights and religious freedom, democracy and development in Nepal.
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